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Title Insurance

We provide comprehensive coverage designed to increase protection for purchases
and loan transactions throughout México. The policies, which safeguard both recorded
and unrecorded matters, provide coverage specific to the unique risks recognized in
México’s real estate transactional history. Each policy is backed by the obligation
to provide legal defense or to compensate up to the insured amount. Nezter Seguros
will stand by you in response to a claim to your title in México.

  • Lender Policy:

    Ensures the creditor against losses caused by defects, liens or encumbrances on the property title undiscovered at the time of the investigation. The creditor policy offers no protection to the property owner.

  • Owner Policy:

    Secure the interest of the owner against losses caused by defects, liens or encumbrances on the title undiscovered at the time of investigation.

The premium for the Title insurance policy is paid only once and policies provide:

  • Protection against monetary losses for covered claims that may be brought against the ownership of the property, up to the face value of the policy.
  • Payment of legal costs if the company defends the title, against a claim covered by the policy.

Policy coverage

  • False assumption personality rightful owner of the property by the seller or other persons with previous property rights.
  • Falsification of deeds, releases and other documents.
  • Documents executed by individuals without legal authority.
  • Invalid documents.
  • Fraud.
  • Liens for unpaid taxes on inheritance.
  • Unregistered easements.
  • Undercover heirs.